The expense of going to the PVR is always high. It is very hard to get out of for many people when the overall cost comes forward. For INR 6000 is nothing if a group of four people is going. This includes the overall expenses from tickets to food and beverages. But still, they have to work harder so more people can look to watch movies. Otherwise, it is next to hard to watch more than one movie in a month for a person. There is just enough money to spend and not more and every year, one can see some changes in rates and these things impact.


Let us say that a person is spending 6000 INR for a movie, it is a major portion of their earnings. Hence, this makes things very bad for a person to look for the next movie to watch next week or in the same month, and then, it creates gaps where people try to use websites like Hdhub4u. Because they provide the content for free and people are ready to watch a movie in this very way.

Or they would wait for it to come to the OTT platform. This is the trend that makes the makers very down. Like they feel that there is no way out to watch the movie. With PVR INOX as one now, they have a huge market share in India that is hard to surpass. And hence, this gives the viewers a chance to watch the movie in a different aspect. 

It is not like they should sell things for free. But the cost should be respected to the very best level and it should not go out at all. Otherwise, it is no fun to watch the movies when the pockets are burning.

Are makers putting pressure?

See PVR INOX can make money from Hollywood movies. And when they come, it helps in pushing the cinema hall to run well for weeks. So they can mix and match things to make money, but Indian cinema needs people to come to the cinema hall and watch the movie. This is what PVR needs to work to the core. And this way, the management outlook becomes even better and this makes it move for all the good reasons and it creates the best outlook for them in a massive manner.

Final Take

The rise of Hdhub4u means that there would be something going from the producers’ pockets. So now it is the time to move forward and show the fact that making a move can work all the time and shine to the core. PVR is a unicorn and they are using the advantage. But if let’s say Jio comes to the market, what would PVR do then? Because they can sell things for free or at cheaper rates. So it is now for them to think about what they wish to do and how they wish to do it in a formative manner.   


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